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428 E Columbia Drive STE 110 Kennewick, WA. 99337

Across from the Urban Wine Village, between Zip's Drive-In and the cable bridge.


Answers to common questions

1. How much does this cost?

We offer 2 training options: "open membership" at $175/month or "private training" at $225/month. That's it! Tax included. No contracts, sign-up, cancellation, or hidden fees. 10% discount for military members, annual cash/check payments, and families of 4+. You can pay via credit, debit, cash or check, or sign-up for auto-payments. Don't worry about starting mid-month, just start! We'll pro-rate you. Your coaching & programming will start on day one. We don't do any initial assessments or "movement screenings" because those are bogus. We know how to start coaching you on your very first day.

2. How do i get started?

Just contact us! Send us an email through the form above, email or call. We'll answer any questions you still have and schedule a day to start. You'll have one form to sign when you come in, and we'll get started. Don't worry- we'll walk you through everything.

3. How can i get the most out of this & be a great trainee?

Great question! Be consistent, compliant, and have a good attitude. If you can take care of those 3 things, we will go above and beyond for you. We don't expect you to know everything or even anything. We don't want you to train every single day or start some weird diet. If you want to receive the best coaching from us: try not to miss days, don't eat like a total garbage disposal, leave any bad days at the door, and want to get stronger for yourself. If you don't make yourself coach-able, you're just over-paying for a gym membership. This is YOUR time- let's make the most of it!

4. Do I only train 3 days/ week?

When you start, yes. This is training, not exercising. The goal isn't to burn calories everyday- it's to make progress from one training day to another. That means you'll need a day of recovery in between. What you do on your "off day" will depend on your individual needs and goals. As you become a more advanced lifter, we will likely add additional training days. Most people have a "conditioning day" added first.

5. How long are the training sessions?

We aren't personal trainers, so we don't have hourly rates. Your training sessions will take as long as we need them to. When you're first starting out, plan for about 45 minutes of learning, practicing the movements, training, and talking. Your sessions will take longer as you become stronger, which is what we want! Think about it- it will take you longer to do more sets with heavier weights. Why would we put a time limit your gains? Lame. We're here to focus on quality training, and long-term strength gains.

6. How much coaching will i actually get?

During your first week, we will teach you everything. You will be training among others, but a coach will not leave your side. If you're new to barbell training or want a re-fresher, you will love this! We will guide you through lifting technique, proper warm-ups, improving each lift as you perform them, our gym protocols & etiquette, how to use a training log, and setting-up and breaking-down equipment.

If you're experienced in training, don't take offense- we're your resources, not technique bullies. You'll likely pick up on everything quicker and we can get to work on making the tweaks your gains are needing. If you want to train in our super awesome gym without any coaching at all, this isn't the best place for you unfortunately. We (our members included) have high standards for technique & performance. We all know what squatting to parallel means, and we expect it from each other.

If you train during the "open membership", we will teach you how to count plates, warm-up for every lift, and follow your provided training program. After a month, you will be expected to understand how to continue doing these things on your own. However, a coach will always be present to help you through any technique break-down (because we're all human and it happens), questions you have, make any modifications you might need, and oversee your programming.

If you train during the "private training" hours, we will also teach you how to count plates, warm-up, and follow your provided training program. However, the coach-to-trainee ratio is much higher so you will continue to receive more individual attention.

7. What is the atmosphere like?

We've crafted a pretty great training environment. Our members might be doing different lifts and programs, but we all respect and help each other, lift with proper technique, and are working toward becoming the strongest versions of ourselves. Our members include everyone from athletes to scientists, from nurses to construction workers, from 12 year old kids to grandparents. If you want to be here, you'll fit right in. We instill confidence, but don't accept egos.

8. will i get cut/skinny/huge/jacked/ripped?

Probably not- but you will get stronger! Depending on your goals (and our professional opinion) we can help you lose fat, gain strength, muscle, and/or mass, but we don't specifically focus on aesthetic goals. If you just want to look like a figure competitor or bodybuilder, you should seek out a specialist in that service. If you want to be a stronger, and maybe leaner version of yourself, we can help!

9. I'm not an athlete- can i do this? Am i too old?

Yes, you CAN do this! No, you're NOT too old! If you're able to walk, you're able to train. Some of the most rewarding work we do is helping older individuals stand up from the seated position without needing support. Guess what- that's gaining strength! Everything is individualized, so don't be nervous. We will assess your needs and goals, and plan accordingly.

10. My son/daughter is an athlete- how will this help?

Do they need speed? Flexibility? Mobility? Stability? GREAT! They can get all of that and more by training with us and focusing on strength. Be wary of training fads that promise those buzz words. The person using those words usually can't define them properly, let alone provide a program that specifically provides them.

What every youth needs is to become a well-rounded athlete, by becoming the strongest they possibly can. It comes down to this: the stronger your son/daughter is, the better overall athlete they will become. The more muscle they gain, the most strength they will have behind their swing, throw, punch, take-down, tackle, sprint, etc. A true strength training program (like ours) will provide everything they need: increased power, strength, speed and agility, coordination, flexibility and mobility, confidence and accountability. These words get thrown around a lot, and there are plenty of fitness/YouTube gurus ready to take your money to provide one or a few of them.

We are the after school tutors in weight lifting, and the running-start program to college strength and conditioning. Your son or daughter will learn proper, college-approved technique and how to train for every future life situation. Our kids aren't put through some sweaty "workout"- they actually LEARN how to train for strength so they can continue training on their own whether they go to college, join the military, or join the work force. Our program doesn't just help them become a better middle/high school athlete, but an educated, well-rounded young adult. 

11. can i do this while i'm in season for my sport?

Yes! Training will be modified for your sport's seasons, whether it's a school sport, a marathon, or year-round swimming. Strength training should always be done all year-round. You will gain strength in your off-season and will will maintain that strength (aiding in injury prevention) during your season. Remember- this is training, based on science, not random exercise. You won't feel worse going into your game or practice; your strength training will compliment what you're doing in your sport.

12. can i do this in addition to a my running/cardio class/yoga/kick boxing class/etc.?

That depends on your individual situation. When starting out, most people do NOT need cardio work in addition to this. If you are one of the people who will benefit from additional activity, we will program that for you. In general, if you are not recovering on your off days, you will not be ready to perform on your training days, and will not see the full benefits of the program. But again- this depends on the individual, so ask us! For most youth, specially those playing a sport, the answer is no. We do not recommend that you train with us, practice your sport, and do additional forms of training at the same time. Why? You deserve an off-season, you deserve to truly get as strong as possible with us, you'll need time to keep up with grades, and you're not paid for your sport yet so you should still have time to be a kid.

13. can i try one day for free?

If you're 12-18 years old, yes! If you are over 18, sorry, but no. We want kids to feel comfortable and experience our coaching style without the pressure of making a commitment. For adults, please read through this site, look at our photos and videos online, and ask any/all questions before joining. Your first day is learning the foundation of everything. That's the majority of our time & effort, so your first day will be the cost of membership. But- remember that we don't do contracts.

14. what if i don't like it after I start?

Totally okay! That's why we don't do contracts. If you train for a day, week or a month and don't like it, no hard feelings. You're free to leave at anytime; no guilt or obligations. However, your first day is the cost of one month's membership. That means we won't pro-rate or refund.

15. is this only for powerlifters?

No! This is a common misconception. Some of us compete in powerlifting, but we are not a "powerlifting gym" and don't require anyone to compete. We DO require proper technique, in order to have valid and reliable measures. Proper technique (such as squatting to 90 degrees, keeping your feet and booty flat while benching, and deadlifting without hitching the bar) just happens to also be USA powerlifting requirements. Our technique requirements are based on science- biomechanics, the most efficient way to move the weight, and your individual body segments. We do not coach anyone who is not a powerlifter to lift in a way that will sacrifice general strength gains for the quest of big numbers. Non-powerlifting members do not squat "extra wide" or "max out", specially not youth members.

If you are interested in powerlifting (squat, bench press, deadlift) or strengthlifting (squat, overhead press, deadlift), awesome! Let's talk.

16. what else will you try to sell me?

Haha! We do sell pretty sweet t-shirts if you want one. Otherwise, nothing. We're good at coaching, so we stick to it. We also don't believe people need gizmos, gadgets, and on-going "therapies". You'll never see us partner with chiropractors, massage therapists, fitness guru, or the like. (Note to solicitors: please don't ask us to sell your supplement line. We know about all of them and aren't interested. Even it contains the fountain of youth, answers to life, or a new revenue stream in gold bars.)

17. Can I do my own training here?

Sorry, no. We would love to provide quality barbells and platforms to everyone, but we can't. Everyone in our facility trains with our programming, even if they're just in town for a month or two. We may expand this service someday in the future? At the same time, this isn't a "boot-camp" where everyone does the same thing at the blow of a whistle (gross). Once you've learned how to perform each movement, can warm-up on your own, and understand your programming, you're free to continue through your session. Coaches will be available to provide feedback and answer questions, but we won't breath down your neck.