Established in 2013 by Tim & Amanda Young


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Tim Young, MS, CSCS

  • Bachelor's in Science & Physical Education from Pacific Lutheran University
  • Master's in Exercise Science from Central Washington University
  • Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) through the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) since 2010
  • 9+ years as a strength coach for college, professional, & K-12 athletes
  • Head Strength Coach at Pacific Lutheran University & Life Christian Academy
  • Assistant Strength Coach at Central Washington University & Puyallup YMCA
  • Coached & programmed for men and women's college sports
  • Individually prepared 20+ athletes for college athletics, semi-pro, and/or professional leagues
  • Coached 4 record-holding strength athletes for powerlifting or strongman
  • Played baseball for Southridge High School, Kennewick Bandits, Columbia Basin College, Pacific Lutheran University & The Pacific International League
  • 10+ years in Powerlifting through the drug-free federation, the USAPL
  • Achieved a 1400+ total at the 205 weight class in the USAPL (including a 600 lb. deadlift)

At the age of 12, Tim's grandparents gave him a second-hand barbell and cement weights —he was hooked from day one. In the backyard, he would push the barbell overhead, pull it up from the ground, carry it up hills, and move it anyway imaginable. Tim became fascinated with weight training, physical progression, and the perfect simplicity of the barbell. Going into high school, he realized how consistent strength training attributed to his athletic performance, but also struggled with inaccessible coaching and equipment, misinformation and over-conditioning. He was under-prepared for the physical requirements of college athletics.

It was under the mentorship of a knowledgeable Strength Coach at Pacific Lutheran University that Tim was introduced to the world of strength and conditioning and powerlifting. Showing dedication and intelligence, Tim was brought on staff and even assisted in coaching seminars at other colleges, like nearby University of Washington. After years of coaching in collegiate weight rooms, Tim realized most athletes were also under-prepared; they lacked proper technique, basic programming, overall size and strength, and were ending their careers due to preventable high school and weight-room injuries. This was troubling. Tim wanted to do more than what he was limited to in a college setting. Reflecting on his own youth, he knew his hometown was a good place to start. Then, he met Amanda.


Amanda Young, MS

  • Bachelor's in Digital Technology
  • Master's in Communications
  • Certified in Professional Writing
  • Holds 4 Washington State USAPL powerlifting records
  • 7+ years of experience in strength training
  • 5+ years of experience in coaching

Immediately after meeting Tim, Amanda asked him, "can you teach me how to bench?" Lifting weights was something Amanda always wanted to learn, but never felt confident enough. Oddly, the bench press was always most appealing. Amanda started lifting weights as an enjoyable means of activity and weight-loss, but unexpectedly found interest in powerlifting. In her first powerlifting competition she took 1st place, “best female junior lifter” and set Washington State records in squat, bench, deadlift, and total for her weight class.

Amanda experienced the benefits of proper strength training first hand, began getting requests for coaching from other women, and saw the difference Tim was making in countless lives.

Amanda’s experience and education in business and public relations, combined with Tim’s experience as a youth and collegiate strength coach, lead to Tri-City Barbell Club in 2013.

"I love coaching, but I have a special spot for young girls and women. I've seen confidence sky-rocket in young girls after just one week of training. I get to encourage them to focus on what their bodies can 'do' rather than just how they 'look'. After just two weeks of training, women tell me how much easier it is to pick up their child, perform yard work, or just run errands without constant back pain. Strength really is life-changing. I wanted everyone to have access to this quality of coaching."