how it works


We work best with people who want:

  • To look & feel stronger (not just burn calories)

  • To learn or brush-up on proper lifting technique

  • Direct coaching from an experienced strength coach

  • Individualized programming, backed by science and experience

  • Training in a limited-member facility

  • Training among a like-minded community

  • A clean & organized barbell-focused facility

  • Top-notch equipment, platforms & racks

  • To use chalk!

TCBC does NOT have: mirrors, machines, group challenges, timed exercises, foam rolls or yoga mats, a sauna or a cardio center. There are tons of other places that do.

We’re proud to be specialists! We invest in high-quality bars, good plates, specialty bars, plenty of chalk, micro-loading plates, anchored racks, 8x8 platforms, coaching education, and the tried-and-true conditioning equipment like our assault bike, airdyne bike, and rower.

what you can expect

We welcome the weightlifting newbie and the experienced lifter.

For the total newbie: Don't worry! No judgements. Amanda (the co-owner & Tim’s awesome wife) never even touched a barbell before meeting Tim, but that new found love lead to this business! We will guide you through every single thing, even the cool lingo. You will receive direct coaching and constant feedback from the same coach every session. You'll feel comfortable & knowledgeable after your first day. Our only expectation is that you come ready & willing to learn.

You will first learn how to properly perform the back squat, bench press, overhead press, and deadlift. Later, depending on you and your goals, we might teach you other things like: how to powerclean, do a chin-up or pull-up, additional squat, bench, and/or deadlift variations, and accessory lifts. Eventually we’ll add a conditioning day (at no extra charge), where you ride the bike or rower and do some body weight circuits or light lifting.

As we're talking and teaching, you'll be performing the movements. You might start with just your body-weight, a 15 lb. training bar, a standard 45 lb. bar, or a weight that we judge as a good starting weight. No need to feel embarrassed, nervous, or scared. We will NOT give you some weird “assessment” and tell you how much you need us to get better or “test” your strength on day one. That’s totally unnecessary and incredibly dumb. We're smart. We believe in proven science and experience, so we’re all about starting small, hammering technique, and building with baby steps.


For the experienced lifter: Awesome! We'll still run through a quick re-fresher on technique. You'll learn the technique we expect from our lifters, how our gym operates, and you'll probably learn a couple new tricks. You'll receive coaching throughout your training like everyone else, as needed. However- you won't succeed if you bring an ego. This isn't the place to show how much you know- let your training do the talking. Think of us as your resource to bigger and better lifts— we’re not technique bullies. We LOVE when people want to improve their lifting, just because they love it like we do.

We'll develop a program that best suites you and your goals, whether it's to improve in your sport, compete in powerlifting, lose weight, gain weight, add muscle mass, get stronger, or just improve your overall quality of life.


For everyone: You can expect to train individually, but among a tight-knit community of like-minded people. Our members love the environment; we're just a group of folks working to become stronger with the same understanding in lifting technique and gym etiquette.

Your training sessions are your own. You will come in, get ready to lift (training clothes and shoes on), and set-up on an available rack with your training log in hand. Tim will give you an overview and guide you through your day's training session including warm-ups, working sets, and rest periods. There are no time limits, random surprises, egos, screaming or yelling. Each training session you'll add a little weight, track your progress in your training log, and we'll go from there. It's like taking a college course in proper strength training.

All new members receive "intro coaching" in the first month. After that, you will be expected to learn proper set-up and take-down, counting your own plates, warming up, and how to assist others with equipment. You will ALWAYS receive constant feedback from a coach on everything training related, we just slowly take the “training wheels” away. It’s not scary— you’ll feel accomplished when you can start doing these things without being told. You’ll be a bona fide member!



one service: membership


Monday-Friday: 2-7 PM & Saturday by request

gym access + programming + in-person coaching

$175/month— flat. No other fees. Taxes are included. No contracts!

+10% discount for military and laborers/ manual workers.

You will follow a 3-day program: M/W/F or Tue/Th/Sat, anytime within the hours listed (once you become more advanced, you may train 4-5 days/week for the same price). In your first month you'll receive a ton of coaching to help you get started: everything from the proper technique, to warming-up, to gym etiquette. By month 2+, you'll receive general group coaching. You will still follow your own programming, but will be expected to know the basics and contribute to the positive environment (like keeping the convo positive, helping others load plates, etc). Coaching will always be available.

Q: How many people are training with me?

We do not offer one-on-one. We are a limited-member facility. This means: we have a total-membership cap of 40 members and 6-8 is the most that could ever be training at the same time. We operate on a first-come, first-served basis. Some days you might be the only person there, other days you may have to wait 5-20 minutes for an open space. We will do our best to accomidate those with time constraints, but can’t make any promises. Certain members (those just starting out, post-surgery, elderly, etc.) may receive more coaching attention than others training at the same time. However, you will ALWAYS receive the coaching you need to succeed. You will NEVER be left to train without direction or feedback.