“I was amazed by Tim’s vast knowledge and experience. He helped me increase my strength & speed exponentially. I give all credit to Tim in helping me prepare for the military.”
— Dylan Maurer, US Airforce EOD

"...Lifting is a scary concept for a girl because of the stereotype it is paired with. I knew I was making the right decision joining Tri-City Barbell Club; it made me stronger and faster. As a sophomore in high school, I had no idea the impact it would have on me in the years to come. I watched many great athletes suffer career-ending injuries or just nagging reoccurring aches and pains. I am forever grateful that my body was prepared for my sport by being stronger and faster from lifting weights.

I walked into college a step ahead of everybody else just by knowing the proper technique in the weight room-- everything I learned in the gym with Tim has directly correlated to every aspect of college. From the weight room, to the field, to the classroom, Tri-City Barbell Club has prepared me for it all". -Melanie Oord, Linfeild College Softball Player & formerly Kamiakin High School (2016)


“I was at a crucial point in my professional baseball career and on the verge of the Major Leagues. I have tried a variety of the “hype” workouts from numerous “educated” people that would charge me thousands of dollars for mediocre results. The results were nothing like I had hoped- I found my body exhausted, deteriorating and injured.

This is the 3rd time I have worked out with Tim throughout my career, always keeping me healthy and stronger, which resulted in my best seasons as a ball player... none of this could be possible without Tim, his experiences, knowledge and drive.

There is no gym that will put in the 1 on 1 attention, effort and heart that Tim will. He works diligently on making each workout customized to you and your body. Tri-City Barbell cares about your overall well being and that is more than any other gym will ever give you. I’m the strongest I have ever been and by far the most mobile and none of this would be possible without Tim and Amanda’s help! If you are a young athlete looking to make a difference in your athletic career, this is the gym to help you train for the next level!” -Shawn O’Malley, MLB Player

“I finished my first year of college football and couldn’t be happier with where I stood. As a freshman, I was the strongest linebacker in regards to the main lifts, and on top of that, I had the 2nd best squat on the entire team (of 115 players). It was comforting to see that a vast majority of the lifting program at college was what I did with Tim and Amanda. I owe a lot of that to them, as I would not have been where I was without them.”
— Alex Weber, former University of Pennsylvania & Chiawana High School football player (2015)

"Tim is much more advanced in exercise science than anyone I have come in contact with, and he uses his knowledge to help athletes of all shapes and sizes. One thing that stands out to me about Tim Young is his ability teach and coach his athletes in a calm and respectful matter, rather than the stereotypical method of yelling and degrading them. His willingness to help people and to always do what is right is what I respect most about him. If any person is serious about strength training, I would highly recommend joining the Tri City Barbell club where everyone is treated with respect and the guidelines are simple. “No nonsense, just strength.” -Heath Lawrence, Professional Racehorse Trainer (2014)


"Working with Tim has increased my performance on the field. He taught me correct technique and doesn't rush things. He helps me understand how everything is benefiting me... He knows what he's doing and I wouldn't want to go to any other coach." -Emily Benson, former Western Washington & Kamaiakin High School Softball player (2014)

“...Tim’s under-the-bar experience combined with his comprehensive knowledge results in a gifted coach. He helped me obtain a triple body-weight deadlift. Anyone can benefit from his instruction.”
— Rob Buxbaum, USAPL Powerlifter (2014)

"...After learning perfect technique my lifts increased very quickly. I never thought I would be able to squat 215, which I did after only working with Tim and Amanda for a year. I have become stronger and leaned out- without getting 'bulky', like most people think. Working with Tim and Amanda has helped me in so many ways. Not only have all my lifts increased to weights I never thought I would be able to do, but I am noticeably faster and stronger on the soccer field.

Playing at the college level is a lot faster then anything I have played, but I was prepared to go against everyone by not being pushed around or beat. I went in as the strongest girl on my team and started as a freshman. Lifting has helped me in many ways and I wouldn’t be as strong of a soccer player or as fast as I am without working with Tim and Amanda." -Molly Sullivan, Chestnut Hill College soccer player & formerly Chiawana High School (2016)

“I had been at Central Washington University for about two years before I met Tim. I was playing football and weighed 305 lbs. Tim saw something different in me and asked if he could put me on a training program and adjust my nutrition to help me become a better, stronger, and leaner athlete. I had tried fad diets and other things in the past but they failed to work and were not enjoyable.

Once Tim started to work with me in the weight room I saw changes right away, in my strength as well as my endurance. I also dropped from 305 to 265 in a matter of months, and was way stronger than before. Tim even got me into powerlifting, which is a new found thrill of mine. Tim has helped me become a better stronger athlete while losing weight and feeling better at the same time. I owe a lot to Tim.” -Neil Fuhrmann, former center for Central Washington University & USAPL Powerlifter (2013)

neil fuhrmann_tricitybarbellclub copy.jpg
“...Tim’s education, experience and passion for athletic performance completely change me as an athlete. After years of lifting weights, I thought I knew my way around a weight room; it turned out I was performing the most fundamental lifts incorrectly.

Tim taught me how each lift should be performed, how each repetition should be executed and explained how every detail contributes to a common objective.”
— Gerard Lomas, former UC Santa Barbara soccer player (2015)

[Excerpt from letter of recommendation, 2010]

“...This recommendation is based on  my interactions during the time he was one of my undergraduate student advisees in the Department of Movement Studies and Wellness Education at Pacific Lutheran University (PLU). I was also a member of Tim’s Masters Thesis project that he has recently completed at Central Washington University— Tim is a conscientious person with strong critical thinking, analytical and communication skills. His personal characteristics reflect a genuine desire for learning and an unselfish concern for communicating with and helping others…

…His enthusiasm for coaching together with his interest in lifelong learning, together with his personal characteristics will make him an outstanding teacher, coach, and colleague. I unconditionally recommend Tim Young to you and strongly recommend you consider him for the position of a strength and conditioning coach at your University.” -Dr. Anthony J. Evans, Ph.D. ACSM HFS (former Professor of Kinesiology & Program Director at Pacific Lutheran University)

[Excerpt from letter of recommendation, 2010]

“Tim has shown a superior overall performance and his knowledge base is well beyond the average graduate student on fitness, health, and physiology. In my class, he showed an ability to assess several components of fitness and prescribe appropriate and safe exercise programs for clinical populations. He has also shown an outstanding ability to think and function effectively under a lot of stress. Tim has volunteered and worked numerous hours with the university’s athletic teams…

…I was impressed with his presentation skills, ability to explain difficult physiological and fitness concepts, and his ability to work with a diversified group of students in terms of exercise habits and knowledge. Tim has completed his master’s project entitled ‘Fundamental Resistance Training Manual for Youth and Coaches’. He created a manual to educate youth athletes and their coaches on various resistance topics and how to apply them on a daily basis… Tim has been an extremely hard worker and meticulous student.

Despite his expert grasp of material in exercise science, strength and conditioning, perhaps Tim’s greatest trait is his qualities as a person. He is hard working, punctual, very organized and detail oriented. He is truly a fine young man, very mature and dependable…” -Charilaos Papadopoulos, Ph.D. (Pacific Lutheran University Associate Professor of Kinesiology)

papadopoulos_tricitybarbellclub copy.jpg
“Working with Tim has not only helped me improve my strength and physical appearance, but he has helped me become a better athlete.
The best thing about Tim’s programs is that they are scientifically based, and Tim has no problem educating me on why I do a certain lift and how it will help me.”
— Court Knoblauch, former center for Pacific Lutheran University (2012)
bryce davis_tricitybarbellclub.jpg

“When I tore my hamstring I thought the possibility of participating in spring football was over; but working with Tim allowed me the opportunity to participate weeks ahead of schedule. Tim continues to be a great influence in my life, providing me with training programs that have helped me excel and transcend my capabilities. Tim Young has been an invaluable asset to my athletic career since the beginning.

I have never experienced such gains in my speed, power, and overall athletic ability in any of my other performance enhancing institutions (including Division I and Division II strength programs) than I have working with Tim. His knowledge has allowed me to make tremendous strides in my athletic career and I can honestly say he is the best strength coach I have ever had. I highly recommend training with Tim to meet any of your personal goals, dreams and ambitions at any level!” -Bryce T. Davis, former running back for Central Washington University (2013)

“...After training with Tim for just one month, both my bench and squat went up and I knew how to deadlift correctly. Tim Young has also got me into powerlifting, something that I had no idea about.

He had me start out small by going to a competition here in Kennewick with the USPA, where I took all the National records in my age and weight class. My second competition in the USAPL, I took “best teen male lifter”, won first place, and set all state records and some American records for my age and weight class. Tim has given me the chance to train like someone does at the next level.” -Noah Weber, USAPL record-holding powerlifter & former Southridge Athlete

“I only wish I would have trained with a strength and conditioning coach like Tim during my baseball days. If you want to get every fiber of athletic ability from your body, I strongly recommend TCBC. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose. We are lucky to have such a knowledgeable and dedicated strength and conditioning coach in our area.”
— Forrest Rice, ISSA, former rookie ball player

"...With Tim's training I saw a big difference in the weight room but even more so on the field. Above all, I stayed healthy throughout the season. The training Tim took me through still has a great impact on me today. It was his methods that brought me success and literally took me to the next level of Division I football in 2012, at the University of Washington. I owe a lot to Tim, not just my lifting technique but my mental attitude on how to approach the lifts in the weight room. If you have an opportunity to work with him, I highly suggest you do." -Stetson Shearer, former linebacker at CWU & UW (2013)


“...I had no idea Tim would end up being one of the most influential people in my life. Although Tim’s official title was an assistant strength and conditioning coach, he was far more than just an assistant. When Tim and I first started working together I thought I had already figured it out. I had been training for a decade, spent four years in a D1 weight room, and had just received my BS in exercise science. I remember sitting in my office struggling to design a winter training program for football. I showed Tim my program and he asked me the simplest question of all, “why?” I thought what I created was great, but my answer was, “it’s what I have always done.” Tim refrained from calling me an idiot and instead spent the next three hours explaining basic physics, biomechanics, and some advanced physiology. We met daily to discuss training. When I say 'discuss' what I really mean is, I sat quietly while Tim explained, described, and diagrammed such ideas as block periodization, various training methods, and the most in depth explanation of lifting mechanics... It was like taking a class but better. With Tim’s guidance we implemented a totally new system of training. The guys saw tremendous strength and speed improvement- so much success that I asked Tim for help with my own training. In January 2012 I began training for my first powerlifting competition, using what I had learned from Tim. My raw total was 1764, which included a 727 lb. deadlift at a body-weight of 269. Three months later I pulled 748 lbs., weighing 274. I still talk to Tim regularly when I have training questions; he is one of the best strength coaches I have ever met. His knowledge is incredible and he had the ability to coach/teach in such a way that kids just get it. Tim has been incredibly influential in my life and I am blessed to call him a teacher, coach, and friend.” –Andy Roof, MS, CSCS, Powerlifter & former Head of Strength & Conditioning at Central Washington University (2012)

“...The programs he run really work. I started out at 193 pounds and 22% body fat. I’m now at 211 and 16% body fat. My strength, flexibility, and speed have all increased drastically.”
— TJ Fields (2014)

"Immediately I was baffled by the immense knowledge and information that Tim possessed. He was not only intelligent, but also very dedicated to making us the superior athletes we were capable of being. He supplied us with proper nutritional habits, strength training programs, and any other cardiovascular training we needed. I owe a great deal of thanks to this man. Without his help, I would not have had the success I did these past couple seasons. Not only is he a great strength coach, he is also a good friend and I consider myself lucky to have worked with him." -Jerod Baker, former defensive end for CWU (2013)


"I've known Tim more than 4 years now... The knowledge and practical experience he brings makes him the professional that he is. I have learned more from him about strength and conditioning than I have in four years in Central Washington University's exercise science program. What sets them apart from most is not only his knowledge, skill, and practicality in the field, but rather his willingness to help and mentor. He is down to earth, extremely helpful, and is more concerned and educating athletes then making a quick dollar. I can speak from personal experience that Tim has not only help me in the athletic world but also in life. He offers his knowledge in and outside of strength and conditioning. I have personally seen him reach his hands out not only myself but too many athletes for a little or no pay. Tim's honesty, dedication, and willingness to help make him a man of his word. Anyone ready to take their strength to a new level, for whatever reason, will not be disappointed working with him." -Chris Brookhyser, strongman competitor and former collegiate athlete (2014)

...I realized I was doing it all wrong, from my form to my diet. Tim has taught me so much and I have become so much stronger. I urge you to get stronger the right way, with someone who cares about you at Tri-City Barbell Club.”
— Kyle Shriver (2014)